Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Emily and James are too sweet

Emily and James met us at the Welcome to Maine sign in Kittery and I instantly loved their chemistry. We had met earlier at Emily's best friend's wedding and I knew they were in love, but spending 2 hours photographing them I saw just how much in love they are! Emily's parents own a candy store in Kittery called Yummies and of course we had to stop there for a few photos. This place has every type of candy ever made it was a lot of fun..I can't wait to see the candy bar at their wedding! When Emily said she had a change of clothes "just in case" we had them get wet, I knew we would be having them roll around in the surf. Not many people would go in the Atlantic in October, but they were so excited about it and the images we got were amazing! I am looking forward to their June wedding in York.

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