Friday, December 28, 2007

The Holiday and snowy weather

WEll, we have had the snowiest December I can remember here in Maine. It makes for good sledding and I have 2 young ones that love to sled and thankfully this year they are able to go up and down together without Mom having to come along for the ride. They have such joy on their faces when they come down the hill it is so fun to watch. We were very lucky to have Chris's grandmother here for Christmas. She has recently moved to Maine from Pennsylvania and we are so happy that we could bring her to the house for the day. Here is a photo of our 3 kids with their 87 year old great-grandmother. This is also the first year in the last 17 that we have not traveled to Pennsylvania for the Holidays - a nice change. I hope you all have a Happy New Year! We received more snow last night so this morning looks like a winter wonderland here!

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Penny L. Richards said...

Happy New Year! Glad you guys didn't travel this year. And thank you so much for posting a photo of Weesie--I hadn't seen any recent pictures of her in much too long. Give her hugs from Redondo!